My Mission

At EHS I Teach Young Hockey Players How To Properly Develop Their Core Foundational Skills and Coach Those Skills to an Elite Hockey Level.

I Develop Unique Skill Drills that are Proven to Be Laser Focused & Logical for FAST Progressions To Elite Hockey Levels.

Every Skill Drill is based on Game Like Situations that Easily Allow Players to Learn and Quickly Adapt them to Game Situations.

Improved Skills = More Confidence = Hockey is More FUN!

Next Level Hockey

Developing a Solid Foundation of Player Balance, Agility, Power, Speed, Puck Handling, Endurance, Counter Reaction Movements while increasing Player Hockey IQ.

Coach Dan

"I have a strong passion for the Game of Hockey, especially Teaching the Game to our Young Players of today. We are in the midst of a truly evolving era in Hockey, where Pure Mastery of Core Hockey Skills is at the very forefront of this evolution."

More About Me

Elite Hockey Skills PD Day Hockey Camp - Nov 2021