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Elite Hockey Skills

Semi-Private Hockey Group Programs (Oct 2023 - June 2024)

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What to Expect Each Group Session:

  • Each Session starts with a foundational skill, such as Balance or Agility, I then use Skating Skill Drills (with Pucks added) to properly Develop and or Correct players, with special emphasis on proper edge work.
  • As the Session Progresses, I add in Stickhandling, Passing and Shooting using Fun, Unique and more Elite Level Skill Drills.  I incorporate quick ‘Counter Reactive’ movements in limited space, which overloads their senses to elevate their elite skill sets with faster muscle twitch movements.
  • Finally I encompass these Skill Drills together and end the session with Hockey situational drills.

My Method Explained:

This method allows players to learn, correct and progress with their skills properly each session, building or repairing to a solid Foundation of Core Hockey Skills.  Throughout each session I coach and explain why we may be doing a particular Skill Drill, and demonstrate to them how it relates to real life hockey situations.  Together this helps Players not only to learn skills sets quicker, but to also learn how to incorporate those skills sets in real game situations, which in turn helps them to develop their Hockey IQ and Hockey Sense too.

When, Where and How Much:

Currently – I run my Semi-Private Group Sessions on Wednesday and Thursday Mornings from 7:00 – 8:00 am at The NEW Wasaga Beach Arena.

  • Semi-Private Group Sessions (Approx. 9-12 Players)
  • 1 Session $60
  • 5 Sessions $235
  • 10 Sessions $470
  • Payments can be made by Email Money Transfer or CC